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Post, District, and Department Vice Commanders/Adjutants…Legionnaires and Sons of the American Legion:

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we will elect our 2020-21 District Commanders on-line.  Please share this information with every Post Commanders/Adjutants to ensure they are aware of this process, especially those with limited internet access.

First of all – what we do for one, we will do for all.  Also remember elections for District Commander are based on voting strength as determined by the number of currently paid post members per post, to include transferees.  We will include each post’s voting strength along with the membership data on the Department webpage in the “membership info” tab and “membership stats/goals” sub-tab.  This is a reminder, we don’t elect Department Officers based on popular vote, but based on the post’s paid membership.  Before we get too deep into the voting process – we need to focus on nominees:

Nomination process.

  • Nominees by District:
    • Ronald Cales, Newport Post 41 - District One
    • Hugh Turpin, Clinton Post 172 - District Two
    • Wayne Belk, Hixson Post 159 – District Three
    • Shawn Brunelle, Crossville Post 163 – District Four
    • William Green, Smyrna Post 288 - District Five
    • Willie Smith, Clarksville Post 289 – District Six
    • Jerry B. Graham, Scotts Hill Post 243 - District Eight
    • David Cobb, Tiptonville Post 174 - District Nine
    • Paul Hethmon, Germantown Post 250 – District Ten
  • Districts without at least a single nominee:
    • Seven

Additional nominations will be accepted.  Each current District Commander will canvass their respective District for at least one nominee; they will send their list of nominees to the Department Adjutant by April 8, 2020.   If the District Commander cannot provide a nominee, the Department Vice Commander will be appointed as the District Commander by Department Commander as outlined in the June 2019 Department Constitution and Bylaws.  Back to the voting process.

Once the Department Adjutant receives nominations; his office will issue voting/ballot instructions to each Department Vice Commander, District Commander and Post Commander for response via the prescribed on-line ballot by April 30th, 2020 as directed by the Department Constitution – “whereas District Commanders shall be nominated and elected at their respective District Convention held in their respective divisions at least 30 days prior to the Annual Convention but cannot serve until properly installed at the immediate Department Convention.”

Each chartered Post of The American Legion in the state shall be entitled to five delegates and five alternates; provided the Post has in good standing the fifteen members required for Charter. One additional delegate and alternate is authorized for each additional fifteen members or major fraction thereof.  No delegate shall be allowed to cast a ballot, unless their annual dues have been received by the Department Adjutant. Each post shall be entitled to one vote, representing the entirety of their voting strength.  The post delegate may split their post’s vote, if they so desire.