The American Legion Department of Tennessee

2024-2025 District Commanders


1st District Eric “Scott” Foulks (new)

2nd District Michael Testerman (re-elected)

3rd District Dwight Woodcock (new)

4th District Royce Fowler (new)

5th District - Vacant

6th District Glen Baggett (new)

7th District Vince Cuevas (re-elected)

8th District Hubert Culver (new)

9th District Jean Launsby (new)

10th District Paul Hethmon (re-elected)


Congratulations to each of you.  Your tour of duty will start once you’re sworn in during the Department Convention Sunday June 16, 2024.   We encourage each to start developing their own staff:

  District Adjutant or District Vice Commander (should be someone that will be willing to follow in your footsteps once you vacate your position as District Commander)

District Membership Chair

District Oratorical Chair

District Boys State Chair

District Women’s Veteran’s Chair

District Chaplain 

District Sgt @ Arms 


Orientation Dates:

West Orientation – June 22, 2024, Post 12 Jackson

Middle Orientation – June 29, 2024, Department Headquarters

East Orientation - July 6, 2024, tentatively Post 13 Maryville or Post 129 Loudon 


Other important dates following the Department Convention, please mark your calendars.


Mobile Marketing NASCAR – Nashville Super Speedway June 28, 29, and 30 (volunteers will be needed) – more information once we get closer to the event.

East Tennessee Commander’s Tour (need inputs from all three districts) please schedule between 8 July to 13 July.

West Tennessee Commander’s Tour (need inputs from districts 8 & 9 for dates between 15 to 19 July)the 10th District has selected July 20th.

Middle Tennessee Commander’s Tour (need input from district 4) District 5 has August 8th, District 7 has August 9th, and District 6 has August 10th.  Thereby leaving District 4 to select a date between Aug 5 to Aug 7.


National Convention -Aug 22-Aug 29, 2024, New Orleans,  delegates will be selected Sunday June 16th during respective Division Caucuses.


Mobile Marketing NTT Indy Car – Nashville Super Speedway September 13-15 (volunteers will be needed) – more information once we get closer to the event.


Mobile Marketing NASCAR – Bristol Motor Speedway, September 19-21, 2024 (volunteers will be needed) – more information once we get closer to the event.


Tennessee Legion College-September 28-29, 2024


Expense allowance will change if projected realignment resolutions are approved by the DEC; same goes for resolutions recommending the NEC to dissolve post charters.